Shaibah Blues Nostalgia Gypo Blues RAF Structure
Attention Men Heavens Gate Discipline The Reunion
17m Barbed Wire NAAFI Song Sweet Home Down to the seas
M.E. Command Bad As You Are In Harm's Way What did you do
What is an Airman Who Are These Men So Far Away Ever Forget
Medal - I Got Mine Today Christmas In The Desert Subs - Are Mine Due Stella
National Service Man
African Star Just A Common Soldier Home Sick Soldier
Your Flag & Your Country The Making Of A Man Remembering Soldiers Return, But Only Half
Before You Go This Land An Ode To Kabrit Spearhead
I'm In The Royal Air Force El Ballah Egyptian Blues Egypt
A Matter Of Form Sand In My Socks Memories Of A Canal Zoner A Little Song From Suez
Oh Mother Dear Dear John "We Did Run Well" Recollections


The Canal Zoners would like to thank their members for allowing the use of their personal poems that has made it possible for others to share these memories and those that were there to re-live their Time in the Zone.


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