I met her first in Cairo
I fancied her on sight
But she gave me just a glassy stare
When my lips met hers that night

To me she was so beautiful
Tall with a golden tan
And her effervescent sparkle
Would please most any man

She was so cool and tempting
Her dress was paper thin
And as I madly tore it off
I knew that I would win

I held her tightly in the bar
I was hot, my throat was dry
I took her without a struggle
There was no protesting cry

I took her back to share with my friends
She was passed from man to man
She was drained of all she had to give
As only soldiers can

Now as I lie upon my bed
I wish that she was here
But I’ve only the empty bottle
That was filled with Stella Beer!

- Ken Burrows (Sent in by Lionel Smerdon ex: RAF Ismailia TCM)


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