The First Division of the British Army
Stationed in M.E.L.F.
Came from land far and near
Into Egypt’s land of unrest.

We came in Brigades fighting fit
The First – Second – and Third,
Fighting men of the Mother land
Of us you have surely heard.

We are all One, the three of us
On our way to Gypo’s shore,
Coming to settle and argument
Once and forever more.

Egypt and Persia had joined hands
Hoping to conquer our lands,
Claiming the right of the Suez Canal
And Farouk king of Sudan.

They have given us a task to do
More work for us boys to endure,
To keep the word of England true
And the name of our Army pure.

They have parted us from our families
From home, love and kin,
To fight for our rights in Egypt
Under the command of General Erskin.

Merlin Parrington – Royal Berks Regt



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