The Friday night NAAFI beer chant

Digging in the dazzling El Ballah gypsum flats

Early morning cups of gunfire

Memorable trip to St. Catherines Monastry in south Sinai via Abu Zenima and Wadi Feiran

The kindness and courtesy of the Bedu at Wadi Feiran

Crossing the canal by the El Koubri ferry north of Suez

Trips to the monasteries of St. Paul and St. Anthony south of Suez

REAL leave at the Golden Sands at Famagusta in Cyprus

Benghazi Burner brew ups

The NAAFI girls passion fruit pies

The scrubbed wooden portable thunderboxes

The RAF Deversoir Coronation Air Display

The all night anti-cable cutting patrols with the rum issue at 0400

The Pioneer troops from Mauritius, Rodrogues & Seychelles as well as the Kenyans

The khaki coloured 2 lb tines of either carrots or greengage jam


The old Indian dhobi wallah spraying a mouthful of starch over your best KD and giving them a knife edge crease with the words ‘You be stickman tonight Johnny’

Being carried by two of your mates to the parade ground so as not to get dust on your boots for the guard mounting inspection.

Mike Knott

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