Home Sick Soldier

In Egypt we are marching now
With sweat and dust upon our brow
Mosquitoes biting everywhere –
Fat or thin, they do not care.

We used to grumble back in Wales
About the fog, the snow, the gales
But Oh! To be back home again
And fell the grass all wet with rain

To see the birds, and hear then sing
And pick the daffodils in Spring
One day I’ll come back home to rest
To the land of Wales that I love best

But for two more years I have to stay
Until it’s time to sail away
And say “Goodbye” to sweat and sane
And reach the green and hilly land

(with apologies to Sgt Vernon Wilks - RAMC
- K.I.A. Burma 1944 (born Pontymister, Gwent)

Dave G. Davies ex: RAPC RPO & GHQ MELF



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