“Bloody hell” said Ginger, “We did run well
Much faster than any gazelle”
For on that day the stakes were high
Near fifty of them against Ginger and I
Rocks and stones hurtled through the sky
But none of them hit Ginger or I

“Bloody Hell” said Ginger, “We did run well”
*Enkeliz askari yallah imshee!
The mobs were screaming in old Tripoli
But as Ginger said we ran so well
We survived that day to tell the tale
“Bloody Hell” said Ginger, “We did run well!”

(This Was During The Tripoli Riots – February 1948)
{ *polite version of - English soldiers go away}


Bill Underwood - 188 A,A.F.C. & 2 A.G.R.A.


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