We used to think it lousy to manoeuvre on the moors
We used to kick up hells delight at sleeping out of doors

Now training days are over, we’re on draft for overseas
They tell us we are Burma bound, they know that’s sure to please

We are issued with our “Jungle Green” & jabbed for this and that
We even got a plastic badge to wear upon our hat

3,000 men got on that ship, but from the gangplank none did slip
The Bay of Biscay soon we sailed (and this was where our stomachs failed)

But after this the sea was calm, we soon saw “Gib” with all its charm
Then as across the “Med” we cruise, 1,000 of us get the news
We are dropping you in Egypt, we know that’s sure to please
We changed our kit for “Khaki Drill” with shorts down to our knees

We dreamed of dusky maidens and bananas by the score
Of golden sands and camel rides, of pyramids and more

But we were disillusioned! It wasn’t what we planned
This place they call old Egypt Middle East Command

With sweaty socks and itchy bums, camel meat and gyppy tums
We had to put up with them all, till for “Demob” we got the call

Homeward bound at last we sailed (in Europe Hilters War had failed)
When we saw Old Englands shore we hoped we’d seen the last of Wars

After years of heat and sun and sand, it was just great to see green land
With English Beer and pouring rain, we knew that we were HOME again

As friends and family shook us by the hand we all said
Stuff Old Egypt Middle East Command

J.G.S. 1948

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