African Star

We never went West of Gerzira
We never went North of the Nile
We never went past the Pyramids
Out of sight of the Sphinx’s smile
We fought the War in Shepheard’s
And the Continental Bar
We reserved our bunch for the Turf Club Lunch
And they gave us the Africa Star

We served our time in Suez
For many a weary year
Some in Holiday-camps like Moascar
And others in Tel-el-Kebir
We fought the War of Boredom
By guarding the desolate camps
We saw the sands of Sinai
And ships passing through the Canals
We kept the route open to India
Long before the Suez War
But the ungrateful British Government
Wouldn’t give US an African Star

Arthur J Smith – ex: RAF Deversoir.



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