Peter Alan came across this poem in his Local Paper and thought other members may like to read it. It was written by Mr. Frank Lee of The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home. Worthing


I should have stayed where I was, safe in my bed,
But the thoughts kept bang, bang, banging in my head.
Battle fatigue was what they’d said, but what did they know, the medical board,
They stayed at home, they didn’t go abroad.

They stayed at home, safe and sound,
Whilst the poor bloody infantry were running around.
Amid the noise, the roar, and constant rattle,
Getting the first real experience of deadly battle.

And realising that this was no game, But the real thing, their own private hell
Fighting for control of the Suez Canal

A stretch of water that connected two seas
A stretch of water normally navigated with ease
And now being fought over with great ferocity
With men dodging bullets of high velocity.

And then it all stopped, they didn’t know why
Theirs but to do and die
And so it all ended, in sorrow and tears
A battle that’s been forgotton over the years

But let us remember those that fell
And also those who survived their own private hell.

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