I’ve searched K.R.’s and A.C.I’s
The ‘M.M.L.’ I’ve read
And Army Orders give no clue
With searching I’m near dead

The ‘List of Army Forms and Books’
I’ve read the whole way through
But nowhere can I find that form
Whatever shall I do?

The Colonel’s asked for some at once
And said we should have stacks
But none can I find in my store
And none are in my racks

We have A.F.’s, B 252
And A.B.’s 64
But not a single trace I find
Of what I’m looking for

Please help me in my hour of need
Whate’er your name and rank
Please tell me, or I’ll go clean nuts
What IS an ‘A.F. Blank’?

(‘A.F. Blank = Toilet Rolls)

Sent in by Don Saunders, RAOC ‘A’ Coy 5 Btn 1951-53 – extracts from Military Moments –
Some Modern Barrack Room Ballads by Ronald F. Palmer purchased in 1952


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