Their arrival went unnoticed as
They came in ones and two,
A few old men in blazers hardly
Made for headline news.
Sadly, fewer come each year.
Today perhaps a score,
But all were warmly welcomed by
The person at the door.

The hired room was warm and bright
And rang with hearty greetings,
With jokes and laughs and well-told tales
Recalling other meetings.
The sense of comradeship was strong,
Forged from shared duress.
A mark they left on history
With youthful selflessness.

The dinner was a great success,
With wine in moderation,
And everybody joining in
The noisy conversation.
Eventually the room went quiet,
As if to make amends,
And someone rose and voiced their thoughts,
‘A toast to absent friends!’

Frank Jensen – REME 2 Base W/shop TEK 1945/47

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