Come to sunny Kasfareet,
Mid the desert hot,
And have a lovely holiday
(If you don’t get shot).

There is so much to do out here,
It is difficult to tell,
There’s swimming – and – well swimming,
We’ve bathing too, as well.

If you are the courting type
The airwomen here are nifty,
(You’ll have to wait your turn of course;
There’s one to every fifty!)

The Post Office is excellent,
The letters are a boon,
I had one just the other day,
As recent as last June.

Have you seen the laundry yet?
They are good at shredding socks,
I think they iron collars out
By bashing them with rocks.

In Pay Accounts we love you all
And give you all we can;
(Right boys, we’re going out tonight,
Knock five bob off every man).

When to the cookhouse we all go
We have to take our rifle,
The barrel’s such a handy thing
For sucking up the trifle.

I love my old Egyptian home,
It’s charms I can’t resist.
The only trouble is, alas,
“It’s sent me round the twist”.

Sent in by Mrs. Betty Collett (nee: Thornley) Ex: WRAF Kasfareet

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