Air Ship Disaster - Maiden Flight to Ismailia - 1930 Demobilisation Strike or Mutiny - 1946
Last Men Hung In Egypt - 1950 &1952 Cholera Outbreak 1947 & Then Typhoid Outbreak 1950
Terrorist Activities 1951 The Killing of Sister Anthony - 19th January 1952
Egyptian Police Station Incident Ismailia - February 1952 Air Vice Marshall David F.W. Atcherley - 7th June 1952
Other Plane Crashes Mahmoud Sabri -RAF Auxiliary Police - November 1952
Major S. Rose, R.E. - 4th December 1952 Other Deaths in the Canal Zone
MV Empire Windrush - 28th March 1954 World Peace Hits El Firdan Bridge - January 1955
Malta Air Disaster - February 1956 Egypt Boycotts Olympic Games - November 1956


The Canal Zoners would like to thank their members for allowing the use of their personal photos & memorabilia, that has made it possible for others to share these memories and those that were there to re-live their Time in the Zone.

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