Registered with Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council as required under the Gambling Act 2005 - Licence No: LO-0188

Raffle Ticket Draws will take place approximately 6-7 weeks after the issue of tickets in Newsletters. All draws will take place at a Canal Zoner Function and tickets will be drawn by Canal Zoner Members attending that function.

The rules and regulations of our Licence state the percentage of monies that have to be used as prizes must be between 40% - 60% of the total ticket sales, less any costs involved. It allows tickets to be sold to the general public (not just Canal Zoners) and is governed by the Gaming Act. All our Raffles will use 60% of proceeds (less costs of tickets etc) of the previous raffle as the prize fund.

All winning tickets will be announced in the following Newsletter and on this site.


Summer Raffle - Drawn Thursday, 27th June 2013

At Sussex Meeting

£400.00 Ticket No: 0010 Donald MacDonald. N. Wales   £10.00 Ticket No: 3859 Ross Barden, Rainham
£200.00 Ticket No: 3578 Eric Leeden, Beaconsfield   £10.00 Ticket No: 2029 John Fellows, Birmingham
£100.00 Ticket No: 4919 David Riddlington, Nuneaton   £10.00 Ticket No: 0855 Thomas Brown, Nottingham
£50.00 Ticket No: 5179 Michael Sharp, Kinnersley   £10.00 Ticket No: 6204 Stanley Warren, Hengoed
£50.00 Ticket No: 7878 Bernard McCarthy, Cardiff   £10.00 Ticket No: 5813 Miss a. Thom, Stirlingshire
£20.00 Ticket No:2269 David Gasson, Wellingborough   £10.00 Ticket No. 0888 Alexander Bryson, Darlington
£20.00 Ticket No: 1587 David Dalzell, Dunfries   £10.00 Ticket No. 7683 Cindy Channing, Cullompton
£20.00 Ticket No: 4946 S. Robertson-Cowell, Rhonda   £10.00 Ticket No: 4022 David Milner, Sale, Cheshire
£20.00 Ticket No: 5951 David Tothill, Worcester   £10.00 Ticket No: 6330 Geoff Wells, Coventry
Ticket No: 4700
Fred Poulter, Loughton   £10.00 Ticket No: 1737 Alan Dickson, Rochester

The Summer Raffle was drawn at the Sussex Meeting on Thursday, 27th June 2013. Local Organiser, Ernie Eldridge drew the frist winning ticket. See who drew your winning ticket.


Spring Raffle - Drawn Thursday, 14th March 2013

At the Birmingham & W. Midlands Monthly Meeting

£400.00 Ticket No: 2053 John R Flannigan, Mansfield   £10.00 Ticket No: 0476 Mrs. I Bedworth, Sutton Coldfield
£200.00 Ticket No: 0800 Frank. Briggs, Royston, Herts   £10.00 Ticket No: 5409 John Simpson, Bury, Lancs
£100.00 Ticket No: 3618 Ernie Shaw, Exeter, Devon   £10.00 Ticket No: 7756 Jim Smithson, Worcester
£50.00 Ticket No: 7489 G. Bainbridge, Washington   £10.00 Ticket No: 6979 F. Blakelock, Pontypridd
£50.00 Ticket No: 8212 Chris Hughes, Bristol   £10.00 Ticket No: 5609 Harry Spensley, Oldham
£20.00 Ticket No: 4337 George Natt, Biggleswade   £10.00 Ticket No. 1222 Glen Clarke, Neath, Wales
£20.00 Ticket No: 4415 Harry Norman, St Ives   £10.00 Ticket No. 2981 Hugh Hislop, Leiston, Suffolk
£20.00 Ticket No: 1917 Jim Eastgate, High Wycombe   £10.00 Ticket No: 6715 Eric Woolley, Bilston, W Midlands
£20.00 Ticket No: 2071 Sam Elsdon, Halesowen   £10.00 Ticket No: 7707 Harold Griffin, Preston, Lancs
Ticket No: 0309
Arthur Cook, Bedford, Beds   £10.00 Ticket No: 4923 Kenneth Reed, Reading, Berks

Local Organiser, Clive Dupree, picked the first of the winning tickets in our Spring Raffle drawn at the Birmingham Meeting. See who picked your winning ticket. Thank you lads.


Christmas Raffle - Drawn Wednesday, 19th December 2012

At the Worcester Canal Zoners Christmas Party

£400.00 Ticket No: 1852 Tom Evans, Cardiff   £10.00 Ticket No: 5198 Alf Bennett, Lichfield
£200.00 Ticket No: 4145 Jim Saunders, Herts   £10.00 Ticket No: 7901 Edgar Brown, St. Neots
£100.00 Ticket No: 3986 Don Deakin, Sussex   £10.00 Ticket No: 3470 Peter Fazackerley, Atherton
£50.00 Ticket No: 8437 Mike Bushnell, Hants   £10.00 Ticket No: 7916 Ernest Burdis, Suffolk
£50.00 Ticket No: 1256 Dave Hinkley, Co. Durham   £10.00 Ticket No: 6474 Alexander Terris, Ipswich
£20.00 Ticket No: 1438 Colin Carter, Thetford   £10.00 Ticket No. 0616 Joe Jervis, Kettering
£20.00 Ticket No: 7457 William Hands, Fife   £10.00 Ticket No. 7991 Victor Hawkins, Bognor Regis
£20.00 Ticket No: 0871 Richard Payne, Newark   £10.00 Ticket No: 5182 Frank Murphy, Guernsey
£20.00 Ticket No: 2233 Francis Brown, Fleetwood   £10.00 Ticket No: 1063 Arthur Sibley, Devon
£20.00 Ticket No: 0322 Roy Cordall, Nottingham   £10.00 Ticket No: 5799 David Rey, Gloucester


Local Organiser, Mike Sheppard picks the first of the winning tickets in our Christmas Raffle, followed by a further 19 members from the Worcester Canal Zoners






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