(Courtesy of our Canal Zoner Cartoonist - Ray (Tex) Williams)


In 1952, during those early months, food was in short supply and our Mess was unable to obtain fresh vegetables to put on our plates at mealtimes. The “powers that be” therefore decided to supplement the usual meat dish with vitamin tablets and two of same were placed at the side of each plate! I remember that some comedian put a suggestion box at the end of the serving counter with a notice requesting suggestions for an “Emergency Menu” – No, I wasn’t the instigator!


In 1951, RAF Kasfareet decided to lay a grass rugby pitch. The majority of bases, Army as well as RAF, played their sports on sand based pitches, so this proposal was an innovation. A couple of lorry loads of top soil was brought into camp and laid on the sand. Then sacks of grass seed were spread into it and watered a couple of times a day.

After a week, gren shoots appeared, but after a few more weeks of "T.L.C.", it had grown into blinking great clumps of grass!! It proved very difficult to cut short, evenly and scythes were used by the local labourers! Come the start of the Rugby Season and although the condition of the pitch was similar to my exagerated drawing, the players were very proud of it - Just a little bit of "Englands Green & Pleasant Land" Maybe


This cartoon is based on a very funny anecdote sent to me by a good pal of mine, who flew out to the Canal Zone in 1953.
Believe me, this actually happened! – Well …. the plane didn’t actually flip over – that’s just my cartoonist’s licence!
It did tilt dramatically I am informed!!










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