Thank you for your interest in “The Canal Zoners”.


THE CANAL ZONERS is the Association formed for those who served in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt and in the surrounding areas at any time, with the emphasis on the 1940’s and 1950’s and re-unites amongst others those who have seen the Great Bitter Lakes, the Sweet Water Canal, Geneifa, Fayid, Moascar, TEK, El Kantara and the many other camps and stations which are now just a memory, albeit pleasant.

Membership is also open to those who served in other areas of Egypt and Palastine.

The Canal Zoners aims to be a friendly organisation formed for the benefit of the membership. So many ex-service organisations seem to be drowned under red tape and directives. We have no long Constitution or Regulations, just a few basic rules needed for efficient administration and control.

There are no elected officers and committee members are all volunteer members who have your best interest at heart. They understand your needs, reside in your local area and will organise specific events when you require them.

The Canal Zoners aim is to provide the facility for members to maintain and develop contact and comradeship and to foster mutual support and assistance when needed.

To develop over a period, with the help of the members, a permanent record of the events, locations, geography and personnel which together made up the history of “The Zone”.


• Membership of an organisation committed exclusively to the Suez Canal and Middle East Veteran.

• The right to wear the insignia of “The Canal Zoners” in the form of ties and of badges in our copyrighted designs.

• Four Newsletters each subscription year.

• National/Regional/Area Meetings, Dinners, socials, reunions (as arranged).

• Opportunity to participate in events arranged by or through, affiliated organisations (as available),

• Social Sections formed subject to members requests and needs

• Opportunity to serve on any working group set up from time to time to organise events and activities.

We offer Full or Associate Membership. To be eligible for Full Membership you must have served in H.M.F. Merchant Navy, NAAFI, Church Army etc. in the Suez Canal Zone or other areas of Egypt and Palastine. Associate Membership is open to all that have an interest in this period in history, would like to know more or would just like to help keep the memory alive

Membership is not restricted to any particular period or year of service. All are eligible and will be made most welcome.

We are an organisation formed with the aim of offering a friendly environment in which to link up, meet and greet.

We are bound together by one event – our service in, or adjacent areas to, the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt.

Members are kept in touch through our regular newsletters.

For those who want to actively help in our work, volunteers are sought from time to time to serve on working groups to organise events or social activities.

I hope that you will join us and I look forward to receiving your completed application form.


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